CasSelle Anticipates the Future with WAX Platform

OPSkins is a global leader of in-game asset sales. In the two years after its formation it became a multi-billion dollar company from virtual item-trades alone. CIO Malcolm CasSelle was there for the ride. It was his experience trading in a centralized market that inspired him to create the WAX platform. Centralized platforms have a host of problems. The biggest among them fraud and fragmentation. They also have a lot of restrictions that deal with region, currency, and other factors. Decentralized marketplaces have no restrictions but are even less reliable than centralized. Until the advent of blockchain technology. Once that occurred, decentralized marketplaces became a lot more profitable. So CasSelle jumped on it. “If we did not do it someone else would have,” He stated in a recent interview to Ideamensch.

According to CasSelle the of construction WAX was essentially creating their competitor. Decentralized zones present such a clear opportunity that it would be reckless to ignore them. So CasSelle did not, par for the course if looking at his career so far. CasSelle first entered the virtual world in ’95. Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of MIT with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science as well as a Stanford graduate with a Master’s in the same subject. The first company he founded was called NetNoir and it was not his last. In the years following NetNoir’s launch in 1995, CasSelle founded other companies and served for many more. He established himself as an international entrepreneur and businessman.

Prior to OPSKins CasSelle was CTO and President for New Ventures at Tronc Inc. He played a significant role in Groupons JV with Tencent, founded Timeline Labs, sold it to SeaChange International, and served as Senior VP and GM for SeaChange after that. As the newly minted president of WAX CasSelle is looking to the future.

“Blockchain tech solves many fundamental issues,” CasSelle states, “It allows for billion of cross border micro transactions.” CasSelle was early stage investor in Bitcoin and has been interested in cryptocurrency ever since. The two factors keeping from going mainstream have always been fruad and fragmentation. Creating a solution to both sets a precedent for the future that WAX is definately banking on.

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