A Snapshot Of The Life Of Jacob Gottlieb

After his parents migrated to the United States in Brooklyn, New York, Jacob Gottlieb came into existence. Mr. Max and Helena, parents of this iconic leader used to be professionals where his father was an economics professor while his mother was a pediatrician. This can tell you that their professions would definitely affect the career pursuit of their child. And sure to this, Gottlieb developed some interest in the two professions and this affected his education where he studied both economics and medicine. It is quite true that children are shaped by their environment.
In his 7th grade, Jacob Gottlieb had started displaying his investing talents when he won a stock contest in his school. Having been a good parent, his father nurtured the talent by opening an investment trading account for the boy. After his high school, he joined Brown University for BA in Economics and in New York University for Doctor of Medicine. He later joined St. Vincent’s Hospital for his internal medicine internship. He never felt satisfied with medicine and he decided to pursue finance in Wall Street and CFA designation.
Now Jacob Gottlieb was having a medical mind characterized by investment interest. He served with Sanford C. Bernstein & Co where he was an analyst on worldwide healthcare. He then moved to Marlin Biomed Group to advance his portfolio management skills. After a short period of time, he moved to Balyasny Asset Management where he became a top earner and left to start Visium in 2005. It rose to have a value of $8 billion with over 170 employees.
Jacob Gottlieb is not only an entrepreneur, a baseball fan, and a physician but also a philanthropist where he is active in NY nonprofits organizations like Robin Hood Foundation which alleviates poverty in NY, Covenant House which protects children and homeless youths in providing them with shelter, food and clothing, and Math for America which produces solid graduates in STEM skills.

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