Adam Milstein Reveals Who Is Behind Antisemitism Today

Antisemitism has a long and ugly past says Adam Milstein. Events like the holocaust during World War II and the pogroms of the early 1900’s in Russia killed and displaced millions of Jews he states in his most recent Jerusalem Post op-ed piece. All of them stemmed from antisemitism that eventually bubbled at the surface and resulted in the murder of innocent Jews and the destruction of their property.


While there is no imminent holocaust or pogroms to the Jewish people today as in the past, Adam Milstein is one of many leading Jewish leaders who is sounding the alarm on rising antisemitism in our time. Mr. Milstein says that most of today’s antisemitism does not come from the Nazis of the past or antisemitic rulers of Tsarist Russia, but from a radical group of Islamists who try to delegitimize the state of Israel and call for its destruction.


Adam Milstein succinctly lays out in his Jerusalem Post article that these radical Islamists have created a strange alliance with the radical left in calling for Israel’s delegitimization and ultimate destruction. Milstein points out that leftists now routinely call for the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions of Israel on college campuses.


In his Jerusalem Post op-ed Adam Milstein warns that today’s antisemitism is often disguised as peaceful or social justice movements. In reality, he points out that these movements are just another form of antisemitism that may appear harmless on the surface. Deep down, they carry the vile antisemitism that lead to the destruction of so many Jewish lives.


Adam Milstein calls for Americans from all sides to renounce the hatred of Jews and the BDS movement that is now embedded in progressive movements. Hate must not be allowed to take root or we may be facing another dark chapter in history. Mr. Milstein also calls on Jews to take on the antisemitism and not stand by idly as the Jews have done in the past with horrific consequences.

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