Dick DeVos and Pure Commitment

Dick DeVos doesn’t have a cavalier attitude about anything that’s of value in this life. He considers many things to have strong value as well. He values the American educational system, first of all. His wife is familiar with that as well. Since she’s Betsy DeVos, she has a grasp of the educational system in the United States that has no competitors. President Donald Trump was so wowed by her expertise that he handpicked her to serve as the current Secretary of Education. It’s the role of a lifetime for her. It’s one she’s practically been waiting for since birth.


Betsy may be the DeVos’ family’s top educational representative. That doesn’t mean that Dick doesn’t have an enthusiasm for the educational system that’s similar in strength, however. He cares strongly about helping American young people attain high-quality educational opportunities. The West Michigan Aviation Academy serves as confirmation of that. That’s the name of the charter aviation school that he set up back in 2010. The school is located in bustling Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s actually situated at the airport, conveniently enough. Students who are ardent aviation fans attend this school. It started out with a student body that was on the small side. It’s grown consistently and steadily since the year it was created, though. That’s been extremely good news for Mr. DeVos and for fellow Americans who believe in the power of aviation.


Dick DeVos likes spreading the word about aviation. Airplanes and air travel have been things that have enamored him for significant fractions of his life. His investment in those topics hasn’t ever slowed down. It doesn’t appear it ever will, either. When DeVos is enthusiastic about something, he means it 100 percent. He’s the definition of a sincere and earnest person. He’s been sincere about everything throughout his career. He was sincere in the early nineties when he decided that Grand Rapids just wasn’t ready for a big downtown arena. He was sincere when he started lobbying against the whole phenomenon.


DeVos has gotten so many things done throughout the course of his career. He’s participated in all sorts of efforts that involved sports teams in the United States. He appreciates athletics in all forms. He’s participated in leadership roles as well. He used to be the Amway Corp’s tireless head. That’s a role he took on after watching his executive father in action. Guiding teams of people is a concept that’s totally familiar to DeVos. DeVos has also been a major part of the Windquest Group’s path in the business world.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is an acclaimed charitable group that has served as a donation vehicle for Dick and Betsy throughout the years. The group has been on the radar in the United States since they first put it together in 1989. It puts its attention on efforts that revolve around education, poverty, art and beyond. This foundation aims to promote a better life for all the people of the United States.


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