Dick DeVos Supports Positive Community Projects in Grand Rapids

In 1991, Grand Rapids was to go through some transitions that would later make the city change into what Dick DeVos and his associates would not be pleased with. It was suggested that a sports center is built in the north arena.


Background Data


At that moment, Dick DeVos was a committed member of Amway Corporation, where he served as the chief executive officer. He made an official call to the town county and lobbied against the project. Well, people wondered why Dick DeVos did not support the idea.


DeVos’ Sentiments


Apparently, Dick DeVos thought that the sports center would destroy Grand Rapid’s landscape. In fact, he familiarized the eventual outcome of the project with that of Pontiac Silverdome and the famous Palace of Auburn Hills. In a press statement regarding the matter, DeVos made it clear that they still remembered the lessons imparted to them through the past projects. That is why he was not willing to allow the county to sponsor or permit the building of the sports center in Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos against the Sports Centre Development


Dick DeVos was committed to the campaign against building a sports center in Grand Rapids to the point of establishing a group to ensure that the plan was aborted. Business leaders from Grand Rapids bore grand Action. As its name suggests, the group supported the campaign against building a sports center in the city. In the past, leaders from Grand Action endorsed the establishment of Grand Rapids Market and the Michigan State University School.


Charity Works


Well, that was just the beginning of Dick’s journey in community development. With his wife Betsy DeVos, he has committed millions to charity and community development. Dick DeVos is a committed philanthropist whose works go to the history books for his tremendous assistance to people.


His Input in the Community


Until now, he has given over $3 million to charity with education being his first interest. With the assistance of his wife, Dick has been a major GOP mega-donor. It is an aspect that has positioned him in a strategic place as a donor in the community.




Between 1989 and 2015, the DeVos had been huge education reformers. This is following a visit to their kid’s school. At that moment, they realized that most students were not lucky to have better learning environment as they lacked the resources. From the visit, Betsy DeVos made up her mind to start working on education reforms project. That saw her through her career as a reformer. Just recently, she was nominated to be the secretary of education.


Additional Information


Dick DeVos was born in 1955. He is an American entrepreneur and author. He has vast experience in entrepreneurship as he has served as the chief executive officer of the Amway Corporation for over 10 years. In addition, he has a political career. That is why in 2006, he vied for the governor seat in Michigan. Although he lost, his attempt defines his character as a persistent leader. In 2012, Forbes Magazine named him among the wealthiest people in America.


To learn more, visit http://dickdevos.com/news/.

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