Human Rights Activist- Jim Larkin

He was a major influence to labor workers in Ireland. Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool, England on January 21, 1876. Jim is the founder of Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union, which is considered to be the largest and the most popular worker’s union in the country. In 1914 Mr. Jim and his friend traveled to the United States of America that led to the collapse of the union. While in the United States he raised funds to fight the British and also formed Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World. He did not stay in the United States for long instead he was deported in 1920 but he continued with his activism.


Mr. Jim Larkin was born and raised in the slums, though he did not get a formal education, he worked hard and engaged himself with manual jobs. His hard work and commitment led Larkin to serve at the Liverpool docks as the foreman. Larkin trusted that workers are ill-treated and they needed fair treatment, and to fight for the rights of workers he joined National Union of Dock Laborers ( NUDL) in 1095 where he became a full-time organizer of the union. Mr. Jim organized so many strikes which were a threat to the National Union of Dock Laborers and he was transferred to Dublin. In Dublin, he established Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union with a primary purpose of engaging Irish workers both expert and unskilled into the union.


Jim was very passionate about workers and he formed Irish Labor Party and with the help of the party, he was able to organize a series of strikes. One of the most memorable and significant strikes was one which over 100000 workers went on strike for more than eight months and yet won the rights to just employment. Jim Larkin was not afraid to try and fight for the rights of others. In 1903, Jim married Elizabeth and they were blessed with four children. He later fell ill and was hospitalized in Meath Hospital where he died on 30th January 1947. Jim Larkin will live to be celebrated for his efforts.

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