Jojo Hedaya is Helping People to Manage their Emails

Several years ago, the corporate world was a place for the wealthy and senior personalities. As time went by, young people put so much effort in their work, and they began to experience success just like everyone else. There are many successful companies that have been established by young people. The amount of knowledge presented by these people might not be much compared to that of the seniors in the corporate world, but this has not been affecting the outcome of the businesses. Not long ago, a twenty-four years old professional came up with a business idea that shocked the people close to him. Jojo Hedaya, a citizen of the United States, was having a very hard time replying to his official emails because of the junk emails. The young professional had realized that regardless of the effort he tried to put in, he wasn’t able to avoid getting emails from marketing firms all over the world. Jojo Hedaya introduced a technology company known as Unroll.Me. This was to serve as an effective email management tool among people.

Unroll.Me has found its way in many destinations of the world. People who were getting scared of opening their emails inboxes because of the increasing number of junk mails are now happy and content because during the working hours, shopping and any other promotional emails are not sent to the inbox. The technology used by Jojo Hedaya and his business associate is very easy, and it is what makes the firm to have so many subscriptions. Just like any other modern activity, Jojo Hedaya says that he had his hard times, but this did not hinder his accomplishments in the market. The process of installing and using Unroll.Me is not complicated like the other apps in the market. All users have an easy time when using this application. Jojo Hedaya and his team ensured that people do not have to spend too much money before they can use the application. The reviews from the company website show that more than one hundred million emails have been deleted from the inboxes of the customers in an easy way.

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