Madison Street Capital Brings Home The Bacon

The recently concluded 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards was held during the M&A Advisor Awards Gala in New York City. In this particular ceremony, Madison Street Capital turned out to be the victors of the Debt Financing Deal of the Year for being able to advise on a transaction for WLR Automotive. Their year-round efforts in dealing with thousands upon thousands of clients all over the world have paid off with this huge recognition.


Madison Street Capital wasn’t only able to outshine the other 650 financial firms, but they were also able to showcase their company’s excellence and expertise as an investment banking firm to the world. Charles Botchway, CEO of Madison Street Capital, was happy to receive the award and thanked both WLR Automotive and the person behind the transaction, Barry Petersen.


Being one of the most influential investment banking firms to date, Madison Street Capital shows its commitment in providing excellent service in delivering financial opinions and advisory services, merger and acquisition expertise, and valuation services to both sectoral held businesses. The aforementioned services provided by this company greatly impacted their clients in succeeding in both local and global markets.


Madison Street Capital has helped clients over hundreds of industry platforms. The company’s approach created corporate finance transactions which mutually benefited both parties – the business owners and investors. Since they were operating globally, they have harnessed a global view on numerous financial verticals which provided a balance on each local business network and relationship. Also, they closely studied and undermined each country’s set of beliefs and culture, and paired it with their knowledge of finance, resulting to a successful feat.


During the festive night, several other awards were presented to outstanding individuals. Some of the recipients are Robert Blumenfield, ACG New York’s Executive Director, and Ceasar N. Anquillare, Winchester Capital’s Chairman and CEO. The full list of accolades can be viewed in this pdf file.


The gala was a grand celebration of the year for the industry’s most outstanding M&A Dealmakers. This event was held along with the M&A Advisor Summit which showcased 500 leading M&A Professionals that joined into exclusive forums spear-headed by 35 M&A Staff.


M&A Advisor has now reached its 20th year and still boasts of its intelligence when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. M&A Advisor became the voice of the industry making it the leading media outlet way back 1998. Several financial firms look up to this institution and aim for their recognition every year. With offices in New York and London, M&A Advisor stands proud and tall as they are known to all as the world’s premier leadership institution for mergers and acquisition.


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