Mike Baur: An Entrepreneurial Inspiration

Every entrepreneur has an amazing story of success. Most of them are boring and involve the usual ups and downs of an aspiring business owner. Occasionally, an entrepreneur has such an amazing story, it’s truly inspirational. That’s the kind of story that Mike Baur has.

His story doesn’t begin like most people. He didn’t immediately know he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He was fine with just being an amazing banking expert. His first job was at a Union Bank of Switzerland. Many of the higher-ups believed that Baur would excel up the corporate ladder easily, which he did for a time.

By the time he was 30 years old, he’d earned numerous important promotions. He served as a top advisor to some of Switzerland’s richest investors. Despite all of the success, his love for banking began to fade. He hoped that a change of scenery would save his passion.

In 2008, he joined Clariden Leu and worked at their Zurich office. He used to love banking, but the post-recession banking environment was disastrous. Bankers now needed to devote too much of their time to dealing with red tape. He completely lost focus and began wondering about other career options.

After some months spent at home, he figured out what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to help technology startups achieve greatness. He didn’t know anything about starting or running his own company, but he knew everything about the financial aspects of running a company.

He wanted to share his knowledge with young, aspiring entrepreneurs. To do this, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. He managed all of the company’s finances, allowing SSUF to operate as an independent incubator program. This allowed SSUF to invest wholeheartedly in whichever young enterprise they believe showed promise.

That free-spirited brilliance is why Baur and Meister called their company a “factory”. Factories are efficient, hard-working businesses that continuously produce quality products. That’s the kind of image Baur wanted to project to all young entrepreneurs. He wanted them to have a place where they could grow and expand as one cohesive generation.

The entrepreneurs under the SSUF umbrella get more than just training lessons. They get to see Mike Baur working at a job he loves. Mike Baur left behind a lucrative career in banking to pursue his dreams.


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