Neurocore Brain Training boosts the performance of the Portland’s Trail Blazers

Neurocore is an organization that specializes in brain performance evaluation Timothy Royer launched the organization in 2004 with the aim of helping the world find the answers to various mental conditions. The company has nine brain centers in operation that utilize neuroscience technology in providing customized solutions to clients of any age bracket. Among the solutions include the provision of care for patients with ADHD, autism, migraines, depression, anxiety, sleep, and stress. Besides providing solutions to brain problems, Neurocore also offers services that increase focus and concentration through the memory boot camp. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore has more than 100 employees that provide top-notch services to clients. The main responsibility of Neurocore is providing a solution to a specific brain problem by utilization of approaches that are data-driven and scientifically proven. The brain training services offered at Neurocore helps both children and adults to improve stress management, sleep, and concentration. As a result, it is considered the national authority in applied neuroscience.

According to Tim Royer, the brain functionality reaches its peak after a proper Brain training. For a thirty-minute session of intense focus, the brain can have a proper recovery by getting more than two thousand reinforcements. Dr. Chris Stackpole, the health director at Blazers believe that brain training provides a quality rest during the breaks within a game, a statement that Neurocore agrees with and adds that it also improves restorative sleep after the sessions. Read more about Neurocore at

The Innovative training by Neurocore has positive results as seen with the Portland Trail Blazers that have improved their performance after experiencing a series of loses in the game. Neurocore provided the brain training that helped the players to get to the top of their performance with ease and recovering efficiently through the training that slows down the brain.

Brain-based training is very important to players, NBA players understand the power of brain training and muscle memory. The player spends a lot of time practicing the moves so that they become automatic. The training has expanded outside the court so that focus and relaxing can be automatic. The Blazers are in a position to focus and play well during the game because they are in control of the brain and in a position to focus willingly. They recharge during the resting time and after the game.


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