Richard Blair: Offering Financial Advice The Meets His Clients Needs

Since 1994, Austin, Texas native Richard Blair has been providing people in the Austin area with excellent guidance when it comes to investing through his company Wealth Solutions. Blair is a University of Houston graduate with a finance and financial management services degree. He also has CEF, CFS, CAS and RICP certifications. Together they make him uniquely qualified to offer financial advice clients can trust. Richard Blair decided to go into financial services because he wanted to help people in and around Austin, Texas get the financial help they needed to enjoy their present and make a good plan for their future.


At Wealth Solution they have a three step process they use to ensure every client gets the personalized investment advice they need. First they work with the client to list their income and assets, as well as their goals and risk tolerances. Next, they identify the type of liquidity the client needs immediately and what are their financial goals. Finally, Blair and his staff crafts a long-term investment strategy designed to cover long-term care, life insurance, annuities and anything else they need to make their retirement years as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


But Richard Blair does more than simply invest his clients’ money. He also takes the time to educate them about the basics of investing so they understand why he is taking specific actions. Clients love this because it makes them confident their present and future needs are being taken care of properly. Blair explains how he is creating an investment strategy that is safe, takes advantage of available opportunities, yet protects their assets during times of market instability. Richard Blair leaned how education can help to empower people and transform their lives from his mother and grandmother who were both educators.


Tailoring his investment strategy to suit each client’s unique needs is an important reason for the success of Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions. Too often clients are forced into cookie-cutter investment strategies that do not adequately address their needs. This leads the client to become angry and frustrated. Richard Blair’s goal as a financial advisor is to give his clients the peace of mind of knowing both their short-term and long-term needs are being addressed and they know exactly what he is doing with their investments and why.


This way of doing business has helped both Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions continue to grow.


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