Richard Mishaan Design; A Force To Reckon With In Interior Design

Richard Mishaan Design has carved out a niche for himself in the field of interior design. In the age of modern and luxurious living, a lot of home owners prefer their space of life to be a little more outstanding and bold. For the past two and half decades, Richard Mishaan Design has been one of the most sought after Interior Design Company. The company boasts of an extensive portfolio that spans across different sectors of the economy such as hospitality, residential spaces, and even offices. According to Richard, the proprietor of the enterprise, the success of his firm can be credited to consistency and the determination to harmonize various pieces to create a synchronized look regarding texture and tone.


Many who have sampled some of Richard Mishaan’s masterpiece interiors can attest to the fact that his work is well conceptualized. Richard Mishaan Design aims at creating interiors that excite his customers. He goes all the way to learn the individual tastes of his clientele before making decisions on what might work and what wouldn’t work.



Richard Mishaan Design always delivers a stylistically expansive space that integrates various design elements, and the end product is an interior which evokes thrill and happiness to the owners. Given that Richard is a multifaceted individual with technical know-how from different disciplines such as architecture, fashion, and interiors, the entrepreneur can come up with an all-round product.


Another key driver to the success of Richard Mishaan Design is his commitment to personalized solutions. Richard understands that clients have different tastes and preferences and what might work for one customer might not work for the other. Richard hails from Columbia. His career in interior design kicked off when he was working as an intern at Philip Johnson’s office. He is an alumnus of the prestigious New York University and the infamous Columbia School of Architecture.

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