Robert Ivy: Taking architecture to another level

The American Institute of Architects just announced that its CEO and Executive Vice President Robert Ivy was being recognized with an important award. He was awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime award by Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters which is a non-profit organization. This marked the first time an architect was able to receive the Polk award which is awarded to art patrons and artists living in Mississippi. The award is awarded to those body of work during their lifetime include performing, creating and supporting artwork is extraordinary and deserves a special honor. Robert Ivy was awarded this prestigious award alongside Andrew Cary .

As the chief executive officer of the AIA since 2011, an editor and author and a practicing architect, Mr. Robert Ivy was a worthy ambassador for the architecture profession according to the press release. This ward is normally a professional achievement and personal crowning of Mississippi natives. More about of Robert Ivy at Huffpost

Before joining AIA around 2012, Robert Ivy served as an editor for Architectural Record. During this period he received several awards that included the National Magazine award. His role at AIA has tremendously grown the organization footprint which has made it to achieve its highest membership in its one hundred and sixty years of history. In 2020, Mr. Ivy was named a master architect by the Alpa Rho Chi national architecture fraternity. This is another honorary award given to the world recognized architects.

Robert Ivy has made notable contributions in the architecture field by solving some of the problems faced by the world today. In his career, he has mentored several upcoming and aspiring architects who look upon him for inspiration and motivation. His success has been made possible by a solid education background that has helped him to steer his career forward.

He has made the public to access architecture in Mississippi by showcasing his professionalism in this field. Under his leadership at AIA, the organization has been able to realize its goals and achieve several milestones in its area of operations. Ivy continues to shine in his career, and he is focused on achieving more and solving problems that people face on a daily basis through his profession.

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