Safeguarding the Community with Securus Technologies Wireless Containment Systems

Securus Technologies provides correctional agencies in the United States with a broad spectrum of different services and products. The solutions offered to correctional departments in the country include its highly effective Wireless Containment Systems. The Securus Technologies Wireless Containment Systems are designed to prevent inmates from utilizing mobile phones in correctional facilities.


In this day and age, a major threat to correctional institution security, and community safety, is the illegal introduction of mobile phones into a facility for use by the inmate population. The story of Robert Johnson illustrates this security threat.


For over a decade, Robert Johnson was a correctional officer for the state of Florida. As part of any correctional officer’s job is working to prevent contraband of all types from entering a penal or correctional institution.


One day while on duty, Johnson discovered a box of contraband that an offender, or offenders, were attempting to get inside the facility. He thwarted the introduction of about $50,000 worth of contraband into the institution


Unbeknownst to Johnson, the inmate behind the contraband scheme already had a major piece of illegal property in his possession inside the institution. The inmate had an illegal cell phone. The inmate was determined to exact revenge on correctional officer Johnson for interfering with his scheme.


The inmate telephoned an associate outside of the institution. Via the phone call, the inmate arranged to have his associated kill Johnson.


One morning why Johnson was preparing to go to work, the hitman arranged for by the inmate broke into the correctional officer’s home. The would be assassin opened fire on Johnson. The correctional officer was so badly injured, he was not expected to live.


Miraculously, Johnson did recover from the violent attack. In the aftermath of this chain of events, Johnson made the matter of illegal cell phones in correctional facilities his life’s mission.


Securus Technologies is involved in that same endeavor. In implementing its Wireless Containment Systems in correctional institutions, the company has analyzed the frequency of illicit phone calls by incarcerated individuals. Through this research, Securus Technologies reports that its Wireless Containment Systems prevented 1.7 million illegal inmate communications over the course of one year. What is even more alarming is that these 1.7 interdicted communications occurred in only eight correctional institutions, eight out of the thousands of facilities of all types in the United States.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas. At the present time, the company provides an array of technological and other solutions to about 3,400 correctional and law enforcement agencies across North America. When it comes to its solutions for correctional agencies, its products and services impact about 1.2 million incarcerated individuals located in the United States and Canada.


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