School of Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media

What does Great Sound Design Sound Like

“Sound is fifty percent of the motion picture experience,” says Brad Hughes, the head of the Sound Design Studio, at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Began in 1929, AAU is the largest accredited University for Arts & Film in the United States.

Every film needs music to complete its message. Music is a subliminal language that underscores the story of the script, the action of the actors, the ambient noise of the environment and the tensions and achievement of the storyline. According to Brad Hughes, students attend AAU in order to receive “industry standard skills,” that enhance their education and the guidance to compete in the film scoring industry. The industry encompasses film, cellphone, gaming and streaming media

Mastering Artistic Skills

Hughes says the students are encouraged to “master artistic skills” that are necessary to become successful, but at the same time not to mimic other artist, but to dig deeper into themselves and express the talent that makes each of them unique artist with the ability to add to the medium.

Working in a Collaborative Environment

The students at AAU are able to work in an “collaborative environment” that seeks to replicate the working environment of the professional studio for “filmmaker, animators, and game makers.” AAU offers a curriculum that embraces courses for each medium, but the labs are designed to provide hands on experience, thereby enhancing the role of an auger for greater change and growth in the professional attitudes and skills for the working professional musical artist.

The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Arts University’s (AAU) Music Production and Sound Design Studio for Visual Media brings together close to a century of expertise and collaborative teaching techniques. AAU is accredited by WSUUS, CIDA, NAAB, and CTC (California Teacher Credential), thereby offering credentialing in Architecture and other professional fields of study.

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