Shaquille O’Neal Partners with Boraie Development to Make Newark More Beautiful

The Aspire, New Brunswick, New Jersey, is a residential apartment that is open for all. If you are looking for an apartment that addresses your tastes and preferences, the Aspire is the place you need to check. This is an apartment that has been made with the interests of the occupants in mind. One of the main features that you will find in the Aspire building is a 24/7 doorman lobby and attached parking facility.

One of the important things that you will need to get in a house or the residential facility is security. You don’t want to live in an area where you fear that your belongings will be stolen when you have moved out for work or for other activities. Doorman lobby is an important aspect to have in your residential area as it minimizes loitering in your lobby, which leads to high incidences of residential crimes. At Aspire apartment, you will be guaranteed of the security that you have all wanted for your residential facility.

If you have a car, you already know that a parking is an important facility that you need to have in your residential facility. You car might become a huge problem to you, which will force you to make sure that you look for a facility that has a parking. At Aspire, you will get an attached parking lot, with a direct elevator access to the lobby. Boraie Development, a reputable organization in the real estate industry has taken all the credit after constructing this facility.

Boraie development has been developing real estate properties in urban areas and is currently engaged in a huge partnership with former basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal, who wants to change the fortunes of his home town, Newark. Commonly known as Shaq, O’Neal is highly interested in bringing about projects that will make a difference in the community. Residential properties are some of the infrastructure projects that can change the fortunes of a city and the community as well.

According to Shaquille O’Neal, making Newark city a little more beautiful is his main goals and intentions. Originally, the 1 Rector Street Property, where the Shaq Tower will be built used to be a property of Boraie Development but O’Neal has partnered with the company to make sure that the facility has been developed. Some of the buildings that had occupied the place had made the construction work to take some time before beginning but everything is underway.

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