Talk Fusion’s Global Advancement

Bob Reina is the proud Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a thriving global all in one video communication marketing company. Talk Fusion was launched in 2007 and is based out of Brandon, Florida. Bob Reina was able to start this business thanks to the help of his friend Dr. Johnathan Chen. Dr. Johnathan Chen is very knowledgeable fo technology. He helped Bob Reina create the video technology that has impacted people all over the world. Since launching in 2007 Talk Fusion has released profound products. There is no other company like them.

Talk Fusion has changed the lives of many people all around the world through their video technology. They serve over 140 countries. The create innovative video communication software for their customers as well as their employees. Their latest release was Talk Fusion University. Talk Fusion University is a forum that allows employees to receive knowledge from informative videos that Bob Reina posts. Talk Fusion is available in many countries. Bob Reina cannot be in multiple places at one time, so he created this forum to educate all of his employees.

Talk Fusion University is currently available in English and Bahasa. They have many different associates speaking different languages so over time they plan to make more languages available to all of their employees. The University is strictly for their associates. They want their associates to receive as much education about making proper sales techniques. It is essential that all of their employees know how to have meaningful, useful dialog with their clients. Learn more:

Bob Reina was inspired to create Talk Fusion University because of his love for helping people advance thus becoming the best that they can be. He wants them to reach their highest potential. Bob Reina shares his knowledge via Facebook Live, HuffPost, and Martech Advisor. He has learned a lot about technology since he launched in 2007. He believes that he should share all of the knowledge that he has acquired. He hopes to help as many people as he possibly can to reach the goals that they have set.

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