TalkSpace : Michael Phelps Opens Up about his own struggles with mental health

TalkSpace launched in March of 2014 as a small company with a big mission. That mission, to connect as many people with their very own licensed therapist and have them communicate only via text message. The IOS app, co-founded by Oren Frank was created because of Frank’s discovery that an incredible amount of people have no access to a therapist. Mental Healthcare should not only be for the 1%, comments Oren Frank.

Recently, Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps along with TalkSpace announced that they will partner up in leading the charge for the advocation of mental health, particularly the advantages that TalkSpace Therapy can offer. The partnership will consist of a collection of nationwide TV spots along with occasional appearances for TalkSpace.

The move by Phelps to work with TalkSpace came from his own internal struggles as himself has had to deal with depression and anxiety throughout his life. “Help was so difficult to find” Said Phelps. TalkSpace allowed Phelps to always have someone to talk whenever his depression or anxiety tried to sneak back in. Having the ability to text a licensed therapist and talk about his feelings did not make him weaker, in fact, Phelps states that every his session, he would feel empowered and ready to take the day.

Michael Phelps will not only be a TV personality for their commercials, but CEO Oren Frank has also appointed Phelps to the Talkspace Board of Advisors. Michael Phelps powerful story will allow him to give his own opinions and suggestions to a board of highly revered therapist. The goal, to remove the dangerous stigma of mental health, to open a dialogue about coming out and asking for help and finally to have that move forward with an individual that has gone through the same type of struggles as themselves.

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