The Public Education System and Rocketship Education.

The public education system has been marred with a number of things. Some of them include overpopulation, lack of motivation for both the student and the teachers, lack of resources and unreasonable teacher-student ratio. These factors have made education acquired in public school less and less resourceful with most privileged people choosing to take their children to private schools or pursue other forms of education to ensure that their children are able to acquire the proper education. This leaves the less privileged children to go through the unforgiving public system hoping for a sport or athletic scholarship to a better school. While divide is still rampant, there were institutions established and continue to be established to cater for the majority who deserve an efficient education but don’t receive it. One such program is the Rocketship Education program. This institution focuses on creating the best educational foundation for children from the underprivileged communities, by use of education-support products like the Dreambox.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 in San Jose, California, by John Danner, who left the institution some years later, and the current CEO, Preston Smith. The network of nonprofit charter school expanded quickly through San Jose within the first five years after establishment and then to other regions from 2013. In California, Rocketship Education runs the Mateo Sheedy academy, Mosaic Elementary, and the Discovery Prep School among others. Milwaukee was the first, out of California, to receive the Rocketship Education program through the establishment of Southside community prep and later they acquired the old Carleton elementary school for the second project. The Rocketship program has also established units in Nashville and Washington, in the District of Columbia.

Rocketship Education Program.

The program combines customized online learning, the old-fashioned teacher and classroom learning and small unit tutoring in oat service delivery. This hybrid model of learning has loved to be more productive in terms of speed learning and understanding. Rocketship is not only focused on elementary education. It has included a number of forums that aim at improving the public education system in its original plan. The institution has partnered with like-minded institutions over the years to help deliver the best educational experience.

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