The Rise of Jojo Hedaya

In his early days, Jojo Hedaya attended a Jewish high school before going off to Israel for his tertiary education. Here he met his friend and future partner, Josh Rosenwald. They were initially paired up by their rabbi because they both used the same phone. As time went on, Jojo Hedaya discovered they had a lot more in common than first thought. In addition to that, they grew up in same city and shared a birth date. As time went on, Jojo Hedaya decided to drop out of university and pursued his startup venture. A major reason was because he had the skills to accomplish his goals, and didn’t feel the need to waste more time. He encourages anyone without the necessary skills to get a degree, as it is vital in the current society. Coming up with a name for the software proved a stumbling block at first, but after hours of searching, Josh found Unroll.Me as the perfect fit to the plan.

The modern age has brought new ways to transfer information including media, newspapers and emails. The latter can prove stressful at times because of the amount of information beeping through. It can therefore become a bit hectic keeping up with such. To make matters worse, up to 80% of that information are junk mail, subscription and newsletters. In order to solve this problem, Jojo Hedaya and his friend developed a software to sort through this difficulty. Unroll.Me was created to reduce time spent sorting through useless mails. Jojo Hedaya confessed Unroll.Me was created because he was frustrated with the situation. Unfortunately the current ISP had no cure in place for the situation. The tool organizes and groups the mails according to their classification.

All the emails are grouped into different sections called a rollup, here the newsletters and subscriptions are in different folders. The user can select what time he wants the filter to begin just to make the process easier. It could be in the morning, lunchbreak or anytime that feels comfortable. The application growing and has become a needed tool for highly efficient people.

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