Top Japanese Skin Care Products by Kim Dao

Kim Dao recently reviewed some of the top Japanese skin care products that people must buy if they visit Japan. Kim Dao tried the clear turn eye zone mask by kose cosmeport. This mask comes in a fun orange package and each package contains 63 sheets. Kim Dao feels this product is best for eye and mouth zone care and is known to combat fine lines, crows feet and wrinkles. It has been the number one product in Japan for 9 consecutive years. This product also helps reduce dry skin and can be bought in any drug store. Another product that Kim Dao tested is the suisai beauty clear powder by Kanebo ( This powder can be found in any drug store in Japan. This product consists of capsules that are filled with a dry grainy product. You dump that product out into your hands and add a bit of water. When mixed in your hands it should appear milky. Rub this over your face and wash it off. This is a fragrance free product that leaves skin feeling extremely soft after use. This product is not strong enough to use as a makeup remover but is great for those who love to double cleanse after removing their makeup. Kim Dao also tried the Shiseido drink the collagen product. This drink provides much needed collagen to the body and claims to soften wrinkles in three days or less for those who continually drink it. The product tastes similar to juice. The complete top ten list that Kim Dao reviewed can be seen here.


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