Why Securus Technologies is Vital in Prison

To better understand why Securus Technologies is vital in prison, first we need to talk about how bad things have become in recent years for those behind the prison walls. These facilities around the country are stuffed to the point that overcrowded conditions are making things uncomfortable for all. The inmates are piled one on top of each other, the officers are trying to deal with a heavier workload, and everyone that works or visits the jail is in potential danger at any moment.


With the conditions so crowded, it doesn’t take much for inmates to go off and try to hurt those around them. Drugs are our biggest concern because an average inmate is now hard to control even with a half-dozen officers on the scene. To maintain order, our focus these days is to do everything in our power to keep any sorts of contraband out of the jail. Securus Technologies has been key in helping us to achieve this and also aids us in other ways too.


Securus Technologies makes a telephone monitoring system that can operate with LBS software, meaning officers can get out of the call center and on the grounds where they are better utilized. These monitoring systems are in thousands of the toughest jails around the country and helping those officers to get back control of their facilities.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rich Smith, says his team of 1,000 employees have committed themselves to keeping these facilities and the world a safer place. The LBS software can be programmed to pick up conversations by the inmates about everything from drugs, weapons, to contraband. If we get that alert, now our staff is in the unique position to be able to get the situation under control before it even has the opportunity to become and issue.

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